We are sorry - these are presently being re-considered.  They are not sold as listed below, but in the interim if you are interested in a custom set, please give us a list of what you would like and we can quote you.  Thank you.


  The teaching class pack described here has two main components:  


1) The teacher pack:  a set of 20 different basic rocks and  minerals for the teacher in one bag, each with affixed label for identification.  In most cases larger than the student sample. 


 2) The student pack: the same 20 different rocks and mineral in resealable bags; samples not individually identified but have a label for each rock type bag.  The student samples are smaller.  4 smaller resealable bags in larger master bag.


TEACHING CLASS PACK SET A - The basic set  includes the following rocks and minerals sub-divided into the four categories within the set:  Minerals:  Quartz, Calcite, biotite mica, muscovite mica, microcline feldspar, hornblende.  Sedimentary rocks:  sandstone, limestone, conglomerate, shale.  Igneous Rocks: Obsidian, pumice, granite, diorite, basalt, rhyolite (or tuff).  Metamorphic rocks:  Slate, quartzite, diorite gneiss, mica schist.


Teacher set of 20 labeled 1"-2" minerals and rocks - xx. Even larger samples labeled xx -  2 to 3 inches each.  In heavy duty tuck-style box (two boxes for the larger set).   Either size, this is a nice set whether buying for yourself or as a gift for the teacher or student in your family.


5 student sets containing the above 20 samples - xx. (1 single set - $xx) 


Those getting the teacher sets might also want to check out our heavy-duty compartmented tray liners and trays.  The 10 and 8 compartment trays are probably the best size depending which size set you are ordering.  The 12 compartment is also nice.  We can sometimes size the pieces to fit the compartments and trays.  E-mail and ask us if you have questions.


Gem and Mineral Displays





The TEACHING CLASS PACK SET B - package of any 10 minerals.  (See note below)


The TEACHING CLASS PACK SET C - package of any10 rocks.

We have not discontinued the Teaching Class Pack Sets B and C.  However, we are revising them.  If you would like a set of rocks or minerals of your own choosing, e-mail and ask us.  We put together many custom sets and can easily quote you on what you want.