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Teachers MINERAL HARDNESS TEST KIT -  Mohs mineral hardness scale 1-9 (talc, selenite, calcite, fluorite, apatite, feldspar, quartz, topaz, corundum) in a resealable bag with a key identifying the hardness of each mineral.  The teachers  version - large pieces and identified by affixed number.  Teachers includes streak plate, glass plate and nail, and instructional booklet.  Extra charge for diamond.     Click here to see images.   

This kit has the shipping to continental U.S. included on the Buy Now button so no separate invoice will follow. If more than 2 kits is required please e-mail for shipping cost. (May not currently be available - inquire)



PROPERTIES OF MINERALS - ES-500  - 18 compartment boxed set that explores not only Mohs 1-9 but other Properties of Minerals.  Minerals included are the 9 Mohs scale minerals mentioned above plus galena (heft, s.g.), magnetite (magnetism), calcite or ulexite with optical properties, mica (cleavage),  barite, pyrite, halite (salt).  Booklet with information.  Streak plates, glass plate, magnet.    Content may change.  $45-$55 depending on content (plus s&h)       

Earth Science Kit ES 200 and ES250 are both designed for the teacher in mind. Each kit contains 18 specimens in a compartmented box with photo identification, instructional booklet with detailed specimen and geology descriptions and explanations.  How do the two kits differ? Basically, ES200 is your "traditional" mineral and rock kit that contains samples of common rock-forming minerals and the rocks that they form. ES250 is a little "less traditional". It also contains samples that talk about basic geology. But it also uses other minerals to talk about economic uses of minerals, or interesting properties and processes. For example, galena demonstrates luster and cleavage; malachite demonstrates streak; magnetite represents magnetism; the rock cycle of quartz to sandstone to quartzite, etc.

Earth Science Kit ES-200. MINERALS ROCK! Common minerals and the rocks they form. 18 specimens. 6 minerals: quartz, calcite, muscovite mica, hornblende, microcline feldspar, biotite mica. 4 sedimentary: conglomerate, fossil limestone, sandstone, shale. 4 igneous: granite, diorite (intrusive); obsidian, pumice (extrusive or volcanic). 4 metamorphic: quartzite, slate, mica schist, gneiss.  


Geology Lab Kits


We have a number of custom geology lab sets we have developed for colleges and distance learning customers.     They vary from 20 sample sets to 50 sample sets. Quality,

 affordability, and customer service.  If you have a curriculum and want the tools to teach it, contact us.  If you want a set of rocks and  minerals designed for your course work,

 please inquire. or 760-983-1655.








8 superb large metamorphic rock hand samples in heavy ABS Plastic tray with removable insert.  

High quality samples for a collector, lab instructor or earth science teacher at any level.  These rocks really show the characteristics and properties and textures you are trying to teach ? phyllitic, schistosity, slaty cleavage, gneissic banding, etc.  

Sets vary, see link to photo.  Sets can include:  Quartzite (Eureka Formation, California), Serpentine with slickensides (California), Marble ? pink (Georgia) or marble white, Diorite Gneiss (California), Phyllite (Nevada), Sierra Pelona Schist (California), Granite Gneiss (Wyoming), Slate (New York), garnetiferous mica schist, or red quartzite, or other items. 



Igneous Rocks:  Large teacher samples in tray with compartmented insert  

8-10 large 3 inch igneous rock hand samples in heavy ABS Plastic tray with removable insert.  Gabbro, granite, andesite, diorite, pegmatite, basalt, scoria, rhyolite, obsidian, pumice.



Large Mineral Samples:  Large teacher samples in tray with compartmented insert 

Gray feldspar, biotite mica, muscovite mica, calcite, olivine, pink microcline (orthoclase), clear massive quartz, milky quartz, magnetite, amphibole (hornblende).  

See image (click link above, shown on page with igneous rocks)


Large Mineral Samples:  deluxe teacher samples in tray with compartmented insert

10 large 3 inch mineral hand samples in heavy ABS Plastic tray with removable insert.  

10 beautiful 3" mineral samples that display properties of minerals.  Beautiful quartz crystal, green fluorite, sulfur, malachite, gypsum variety selenite, talc, amethyst, rose quartz, bauxite (aluminum ore), bornite (copper ore).   

These are all wonderful gifts for an earth science teacher.


Miscellaneous sets.  If you have used one of our sets custom made for the sponsor of a conference or seminar you attended (e.g., a stone trade association), and you want an extra set, we sometimes have sets left over or sometimes are able to make extra sets for you with permission of the original conference sponsor.  E-mail us.


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