The Educational Rocks and Minerals on this page are not always available.
Check back often ( hit that reload button! ) as depleted stock is 

often replaced with new finds of hard to locate material.  If interested in larger sized teacher specimens of crystallized minerals such as quartz clusters, sulfur, fluorite, etc. please inquire.

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SP-10. Cost I. India. Crystal
groups and portions of large translucent, whitish
to bluish crystals. May be associated with various other "zeolites" (old terminology). 

 Displays crystals formed inthe tetragonal system.  May also have larger clusters individually priced.

SP-17. Cost N. China. Pieces of deep blue
massive crystalline azurite with little limonitic matrix. Very attractive specimens.
The BEST azurite we have had in a long time.  See educational catalog.

SP-16.  Nevada. Golden-yellow
to gray crystals and cleavage sections

1 " to 3 " single tabular  xls.

BARITE Roses, SP-16A. Cost $8 -$14.00 ea. Oklahoma

Classic barite "rosettes" from this famous locality.

Individual "roses" and groups. Very well formed and no damage.

Also called desert "sand" roses.  About 3 inches.

Individual specimens available.


DIAMOND crystals/cubes. Hand picked  Educational- grade. 

Please contact us for prices on these affordable samples.


DOLOMITE, SP-17.  Montana.  Cost N

Cleavage rhombs, indistinguishable from calcite by sight. Perform

weak HCl test. Trace iron oxide contaminate.

Class packs of 20 - 25.00.  Limited stock.




FLUORITE OCTAHEDRONS(see image) China.  These octahedral cleavages range in color from clear, purple and green. 3/4"-1"at $3 each.  Larger sizes (around 2") range in price from $5.00 to $25, averaging $6.50 each.  Clearly demonstrate the eight sides of this cleavage/crystal form.


FOSSIL, Enchodus, saber-toothed salmon.  Cretaceous period (100 million)

Jawbones to vertebrae.  In matrix 3"-5". $30 


SP-25A. Cost H. Alabama.  Silurian Clinton Formation. 

Red pseudo oolitic "ironstone" - Class pack of 20 - $25.  Check.

SP-30. Cost J. Mexico.  Abundant 5-7 mm 

colorless to white crystals, sometimes with small calcite crystals on




KYANITE, Brazil. Coarse crystalline blue, bladed aggregates

or blades with quartz.  2 to 5 inches in length. Very good quality, bluer than

the above photo indicates. Priced individually by length, width, depth, and quality.  

Most from $1 to $5.  Some larger and better are priced higher - inquire. 

Class pack of 20 - $12 - $15, depending on size.  But all nice pieces.


METEORITES.  Nickel-iron.  Check for prices. 


MOLYBDENUM crystals, SP-41. Cost J. Australia
Xl's, no associated rock. $3-10 each  for xls about 2.5cm x 2cm x 2-3mm thick.

PENNSYLVANIA CRUDE OIL, SP-42 Appalachian Basin, Pennsylvania and Michigan Basin, Michigan.  Two crude oils consisting of saturated paraffin hydrocarbon compounds available - light (sweet) and heavy (sour).  Pennsylvania Crude is mostly a light sweet crude that does not have the high levels of sulfur that other crude oils have.  Some available in 4 mL, 40 mL, 100 mL and 250 mL bottles.  The "sour" heavy crude is also available from the Michigan Basin.  We will be updating the petroleum section soon.  Not all sizes available for every type.  Inquire for locations.   

40ml bottle - $12.00 each    Some other sizes and locations available.  


 Smaller two-bottle sets of one each type also available until stock runs out, 4 mL each, (1 sweet and one sour), but check availability.  


PERIDOT with BASALT, See in Igneous Rock Section.  IG-20-PSan Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona. Rich clusters of consolidated peridot sand. Crystal size up to 3 mm with surrounding basalt matrix.  No class pack of 20 pieces. 1x2 size and up.   Nice display pieces.


PYRITE CUBESSpain.  (Click link for image)  Currently have 1 cm to 4 cm cubes.   Inquire for size availability. 




SHARK TEETH, fossilized.  Otodus obliquus. Eocene/Oligocene.  Approx. 20 million years. In matrix -  $15-$35.  



SPESSARTINE GARNET, SP-45D. China. Lustrous crystal clusters and masses.  

Two colors - orange-red (what many consider the "typical" spessartine color); and 

deep wine to bright red.   Some 

on matrix with smoky quartz and/or feldspar and mica.  Inquire if interested.  


TEKTITE (Lei gong mo) SP-57 - Impact Crater Melted Rock.  Guangdong, China.  Tektites are pieces of glass formed when a large meteorite strikes the Earth.  They look similar to 

obsidian glass but chemically can be differentiated from obsidian.  Tektites are closer to shale 

in composition. These "splash-form" tektites have rounded, aerodynamic shapes such as spheres, tear-drops, dumbbells, and disks.  


THENARDITE, SP - 61. California.

Dark gray to black sharp crystals and groups of this

classic evaporate mineral.  Beautiful crystals for the species

from this known locality.

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