Item#            Item                              Unit/Price                Description                      

SP-W       Streak plates (white)                   10 per pack       Ten  2"x2" unglazed ceramic tiles for streak                  $ 0.50 each -  $4.50/pkg./10


SP-B        Streak plates dark (cobalt blue)  10 per pack       Ten 2"x2"  tile (for light, white, cream streaks)              $ 0.50 each  - $ 4.50/pkg./10


GP-2        Glass plate                                   10 per pack       Ten 2"x2" glass plates                                                              $ 12.00/pkg. of 10

   HL-1        Jewelers Loupe Magnifying hand lens                   1 ea ---  10x - 18 mm jewelers loupe, doublet in case----------  $6 each, 40/$210.  This is our new standard lens and we have been getting very good reviews from those who have ordered it as an affordable lens.  Ask about other lenses.  We now are offering an affordable triplet.






MHK-1    Mineral Hardness test kit                 1 ea                  Mohs Hardness scale 1-9 minerals in a bag       $3.50 ea (Please see the description on our "Kits" page for a new slightly larger size of the hardness set.  Diamond is also available on request.)

MHK-Tchr   Teacher Min. Hardness kit              1 ea                  Mohs 1-9, larger specimens, identified by number or photo  $45 ea.  Includes streak plate, glass plate.  Includes informational booklet on hardness testing.

"Perky" box, 1" cube                                       10 per pack       1" cube plastic hinged specimen box, clear top with black bottom  $5.00/pkg. of 10

Magnets - small rectangular.  Ferrite Grade 5.   Our most popular small strong magnet for general classroom and lab purposes.  0.227" x 0.875" x 0.187".     10/$5    


Colleges, universities, on-line classes - ask about custom sets for geology labs.  Chances are we can adapt a custom set used for a 

current school for your school's needs.  

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SLP-Minerals A -  Student lab pack of minerals.   8 minerals in a bag, 1 each of the following:  Quartz crystal, microcline feldspar, hornblende, calcite rhomb, gypsum selenite, biotite mica, muscovite mica, fluorite.      Re-sealable package.

SLP-Minerals B ? Student lab pack of minerals.  8 minerals in a bag, 1 each of the following:  galena cube, pyrite, magnetite, halite, sulfur, apatite, talc, copper.   

SLP-Minerals C - Student lab pack of minerals.  8 minerals in a bag, 1 each of the following:  azurite, malachite, bauxite, calcite variety iceland spar, graphite, milky quartz, albite (plagioclase), augite (pyroxene). 

SLP-Mineral Crystal Forms - Inquire

SLP-Sed.  Student lab pack of sedimentary rocks.   6 sedimentary rocks in a bag, 1 each of the following:  Sandstone, siltstone, conglomerate, fossil limestone, gray limestone, shale. 

SLP-Ign.  Student lab pack of Igneous rocks.   8 igneous rocks in a bag, 1 each of the following: Obsidian, pumice, basalt, tuff, granite, rhyolite, diorite, andesite. 

SLP-Meta.  Student lab pack of Metamorphic rocks.   6 metamorphic rocks hand cut in a re-sealable bag, 1 each of the following:  slate, muscovite-albite schist, marble, gneiss, phyllite, quartzite. 

Request a quote for a Student Lab Pack of your own design.  E-mail -  Phone and Text :  760.983.1655