Class pack of 20



One of Geoprime's most popular items is the
Class pack of 20 pieces of rocks and minerals
Designed to accommodate teachers
with 15 to 20 students in a classroom, this
size has grown popular with others. The Class pack
of 20 constitutes 20 pieces packaged with a descriptive
label in a resealable plastic bag.

There is basic information on the rock or mineral on each label.
The size of the pieces averages from 1/2" to 1.25" inches in at least
two direction and vary in thickness.  
About the size of 5 stacked dimes.
The price per bag for all rocks
start at $20.00. Minerals $25.00
We have an Economy size Class Pack of 20 Pieces, just chips from hand cutting the larger sizes.
Smaller pieces than the standard CP of 20
But half the price.


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