We have had requests to add a gift page.  Well, honestly, we've had more requests to add a shopping cart format.  

We are sorry that we have not yet decided to do a shopping cart format, so you still have to e-mail us or fax us with credit card information.  

But if you are looking for a gift for the teacher in your life, we have added a few items to this page to make it easier for you to order.  

They are some of the more popular items from our catalog, plus a couple extras..

Place orders for any product by E-mailing Geoprime at  or call



Please refresh often....prices as well as availability are subject to change and update.



COAL - For that perfect Christmas gift that says it all ! We have lumps about the size of a ping pong ball packaged in a red velvetine drawstring cache for $14.95, shipping included.



DIAMOND crystals/cubes.  Educational-industrial grade.  Very nice crystal in gem case.  Approximately one-quarter carat.  For mineral hardness testing (No. 10 on Mohs scale).  Wonderful under a microscope.  About 1.5 mm.  In velvet gift bag. 




FLUORITE OCTAHEDRONS(see image) China.  These octahedral cleavages range in color from clear, purple and green.   Around 2".   Most larger ones are green.  $9.50.  Bigger and larger ones may be available on request.  Some smaller ones in purple or clear.  


FOSSIL, Enchodus, saber-toothed salmon.  Cretaceous period (100 million)

Jawbones to vertebrae.  In matrix 3"-5". $15.  


METEORITES.  Nickel-iron.  Guangxi Province, China.  $3 each in gem case with gift bag.  Some larger ones available.


SHARK TEETH, fossilized.  Otodus obliquus. Eocene/Oligocene.  Approx. 20 million years.  (Smaller singles sometimes available) In matrix -  $10-$25.  Can send images.


TEKTITE  Impact Crater Melted Rock

Tektites are pieces of glass formed when a large meteorite strikes the Earth.  They look similar to 

obsidian glass but chemically can be differentiated from obsidian.  Tektites are closer to shale 

in composition. These "splash-form" tektites have rounded, aerodynamic shapes such as spheres, tear-drops, dumbbells, and disks.  Approximately 1"-2" in length. $3 each.  Some smaller available-inquire for price.  Larger ones in the $25-$35 range.





MINERAL HARDNESS TEST KIT -  Mohs mineral hardness scale 1-9 (talc, selenite, calcite, fluorite, apatite, feldspar, quartz, topaz, corundum) - teacher size version.  Larger 2"-3" pieces (except for topaz and corundum) and identified by affixed number.  Boxed Teacher size includes streak plate, glass plate and nail, and instructional booklet.  (Diamond crystals available on request, see above.)   Click here to see images. 


Polished Ammonites.  Matched small jewelry grade pair - $7.50.  In velvet gift bag.   Larger single halves, about 1.5 inch with good pattern and color - $6 for one, 2 for $10.  





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